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It is very helpful for our first consultation if you can download and complete as much of the following registration form, it contains information about medications of medical history that you may find easier to complete at home. There is also a consent form which outlines some of your rights and the clinic responsibilities. It is helpful for you to review this; it can be brought along complete or used as a basis for any questions you would like to have answered prior to treatment.

Below are some of the most common questions people ask but feel free to get in touch to chat about acupuncture and Chinese herbs and how they can help you.

Frequently asked questions

Does acupuncture hurt?

People are frequently anxious about acupuncture as most of their experience of needles is that of hypodermic needles used in either injections or blood tests. Acupuncture needles have been described as more like hairs; they are not hollow and are incredibly fine and flexible. The most common sensation people get is a pulling or drawing feeling when the needle is working to stimulate the acupuncture point. It is generally a very relaxing and not at all unpleasant experience.

Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture in the hands of a professional trained by a reputable institution is very safe. They will have use single use disposable needles and their clinics will meet health and hygiene requirements.

What qualifications should a practitioner have?

At the moment regulation is voluntary but it in the process of attaining regulation. A practitioner who holds a BSc from a respected University is the gold standard for a practitioner who has met the requirements for a science based degree externally validated with western anatomy and physiology as well as TCM knowledge and clinical competence.

Are Chinese herbs safe?

A competent practitioner will use products from reputable suppliers which are tested to ensure high quality. In New Zealand there are very strict guidelines on what can and cannot be important in plant and animal products which adds a layer of protection to all involved. The therapeutic goods act which is being brought in will also seek to ensure all herbs are a high standard. The herbs we use are imported from Australia, which come from Europe where they have been tested to very high standards to ensure correct substance, no heavy metals, and no contaminants.

There have been incidents where herbs have caused problems but these are typically when they are prescribed by people not trained in the use of Chinese herbal medicines, just as when drugs are not prescribed by doctors. 

Don't Chinese herbs come from endangered animals and plants?

Chinese medicine here in NZ will not include the use of any endangered animal. If plants are endangered then only cultivated varieties are permitted and their import is regulated by CITES.

How long will treatment take?

It is very variable how long a course of treatment will take depending on the severity of the condition and the duration of it. Often a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine will give the fastest results although they are also used individually with great effect. Typically you will find improvement within 3-6 weeks.

Do I need to bring or wear anything special?

It is best to wear loose fitting clothes so you can roll up sleeves and legs, make a note of any medications you take and your GP's details, please don't brush your tongue if you normally do as this is used diagnostically in Chinese medicine. You should not drink alcohol before your treatment or the evening following and if possible aim to have a quiet evening after your treatment.

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